6 Rules For A Rock-Solid Life

1.) Every Situation You Find Yourself In, You Are Partially Responsible For: Nothing will change until you take ownership of your part — that someone, somewhere has a greater opportunity than you. You can either feel resentful, or competitive. It’s your choice. 

2.) There Are No Make-Ups In Life: Once you get screwed, you can’t change what happened — all you can do is grieve, and move on.  Forgiveness is simply a form of denial.

3.) There Are No Limits To Human Kindness And Human Cruelty: I come from the children of the holocaust. I had the choice of living with bitterness and revenge-fullness, or working to accept the reality of evil and it’s impact on me. 

4.) I Have No Capacity, As A White Man, To Understand What’s Happened To You: All I can do is hold myself accountable to living my core values. There is no trophy for suffering. I have grown up in the shadow of a cosmic horror show, and refuse to blame others, long gone, for what happened. 

5.) There Is No Country, No Job, No Profession, Nor Any Belief System, That Has A Monopoly On Bad People: They are literally everywhere – thank goodness not in great numbers!  All you can do is to try and minimize their influence.

6.) Resist The Temptation To Become A Professional Hypocrite: Don’t get righteously indignant about being treated as a member of a “monolithic” group — and then, turn right around and apply the label to people you disagree with. 

~ Morrie Shechtman

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