Animal Names: The Cruelty of It All


An unnamed source has leaked some potentially volatile information indicating that the body that accredits American zoos – the Association of Zoos and Aquariums – has been put on notice, by The Committee To Eliminate the Debasing Nomenclature of Zoo Animals, to withdraw their accreditation of its member zoos, or face a nationwide boycott. The Committee found most egregious, those names that unthinkingly stereotyped the animals, by referring to them with gender-specific appellations. What grew the greatest ire, were limiting labels, compounded by reinforcing adjectives. Phrases like – “good girl or good boy” – were particularly offensive, and led a long list including phrases like – “that-a-boy” or “that a-girl.” The former phrase was roundly condemned as racist, because of its historical use to identify slaves. “That-a-girl” is considered misogynistic and insulting, in reducing a whole gender to an inferior, childlike status. Zoo keepers, zoo veterinarians and all allied personnel, are considered, by The Committee, to be the “stormtroopers” of an oppressive ideology. The zoo industry has yet to respond to the charges, and we will keep you informed, as soon as they do.

News Flash: An eminent group of virologists and political scientists has recommended that the virus currently ravaging the planet, be renamed, and that it now should be referred to as – “COVID – 1984.” The CDC and the WHO have not yet responded to the recommendation.

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