We  Lost Our Buddy Yesterday

Jill, our yellow lab, died suddenly.  She had had some stomach problems, and some limping, after running hard, but she had nothing that looked like it was fatal.  So far, no one can figure out what killed her.  She had not eaten for a few days, but that was not unusual.  On the day she […]

The Destruction Of Trust – The End Of The Individual

In the course of my work, I’m regularly asked if I’m worried about what’s happening in our country, and about where we’re going as a culture.  My answer is -absolutely, but not about what the media and the pundits pontificate about.  I’m not worried about being invaded by China or Russia; or being overrun by […]

Are You A Conscious Or An Unconscious Competent?

I’ve had the privilege, over the past forty years, of consulting with and advising very successful people.  They have taught me much, and have given me the opportunity to observe exactly how they became successful.  Probably the most important thing I learned, from them, was the difference between consciously competent individuals, and unconsciously competent people.  […]

Empty The School: The Implosion Of Public Education

I wrote this article over a year ago, partly over my frustration with the debate over whether our schools were irrelevant or outright damaging to our children and their future.  Since that time I’ve been encouraged by the pushback of parents and their demands that their schools stop indoctrinating children with nonsensical and totally inappropriate […]

 “I Wonder Why He Acts That Way?  There’s No Reason For It.”

The most common kind of question that my clients ask me, concerns their puzzlement over behavior they deal with at work (or at home), that makes no sense.  There’s clearly no rationale explanation for the behavior and it leaves my clients frustrated and feeling helpless.  They give people feedback, they tell them what’s inappropriate, and […]

Is Your Success Compensatory Or Vision-Driven?

The business world is replete with stories of individuals who built organizations that became legendary, and that produced wealth beyond most people’s ability to comprehend. Equally common is a subtext that tells the story of how many of these brilliant strategists and tacticians found, at best, their wealth and power meaningless and hollow. At worst, […]

Why Not Give Negotiations A Chance?

I am trying hard to understand why there is so much resistance to and hostility toward the idea of negotiating with the regime in Iran.  I’m also having trouble understanding the uproar over having Russians representing our interests.  Given the volatility of the issues involved, it seems to make sense to have a neutral third […]

The Sanctity Of Relationships:  The Wolves Of Yellowstone

Had a good cry last night. We were watching a program on NatGeo about wolves.  It wasn’t the usual presentation of the fierce debate over whether wolves were good for the ecosystem, or the scourge of the lives of ranchers.  It was, instead, the culmination of a long study, by an interdisciplinary group of researchers, […]

What’s The Point Of Having A Coach?

Coaching has clearly captured the imagination of professionals in a myriad of disciplines.  From my experience in working with many of my clients, it’s also become evident that a large number of professionals are not getting their money’s-worth from their relationships with their coaches. They’re getting help they don’t need, to solve problems that they’re […]

How Did We Get Here?  And Where Are We Going?

I have spent my professional life examining the relationship between Individual Psychology and Cultural Behavior  When is the relationship positive and productive, and when is it negative and destructive.  My view of Individual Psychology is Freudian, meaning simply that adult choices and decisions have their roots in early life experiences.  I use the reference to […]