Jill: A Final Goodbye

Arleah and I very much appreciate the condolences from many of you. It’s clear that sharing your lives with a loyal and accepting companion has enriched the lives of lots of you.  Although Arleah and I have experienced gut-wrenching loss before, the death of Jill has struck at our core.  At times, I feel almost […]

Our Dogs At The Deli

A little something to brighten your day.  Yesterday, per our usual routine, we took our lovable juvenile delinquents to one of their favorite dog parks.  We were having a great time – I walk and they sniff every square inch of grass and punctuate it with what we call “zoomes” – running full out for […]

My Father: Known and Unknown

In many ways, my father was a mystery to me. A lot of what he did and accomplished, I had noidea of at the time. We talked very little – he wasn’t stern or withdrawn. He was just quiet. Youknew how he felt, by simply being in his presence. My father grew up in Chicago’s […]

The (Un-candy-coated) Truth about Love: Five Surprising Valentine’s Day Resolutions

This February 14th you should vow to strengthen your relationship, say Morrie and Arleah Shechtman. But their prescriptions may not be what you’d expect. Boulder, CO (January 2005)—A dozen roses, a candlelit dinner, a sexy nightie, a pair of silk boxers. Such gifts may make you and your sweetie happy on February 14th. And there’s […]