8 Myths about Relationships

Across the country, marriages are in trouble. The divorce rate remains high and more and more people are joining the ranks of the walking wounded, desperately looking for some way to hold their families together. In their groundbreaking book, Love in the Present Tense: How to Have a High Intimacy, Low Maintenance Marriage, relationship experts […]

Is Your Marriage a Symbiotic Blob?

If you’ve never let go of the “honeymoon phase,” it may be. A surprising new book explains how to move from blobdom to autonomy and mutual respect. Boulder, CO (January 2004)—Ah, the bliss of falling in love! Nothing compares to the early days of being with your beloved. You seem to be able to read […]

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

According to a radical new book by marriage experts Morrie and Arleah Shechtman, couples should look to shared values—not love—to see them through the tough times. Boulder, CO (January 2004)—Popular music, blockbuster movies and best-selling books have sold us a bill of goods. Think of all those classic love songs that, though recorded decades ago, […]

The Truth About Growing Apart: Six Surprising Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

Worried that you and your spouse are growing in different directions? As long as you’re both growing, that’s okay. A new book by Morrie and Arleah Shechtman explains why. Boulder, CO (June 2004)—You hear it all the time from veterans of divorce. We simply grew apart. It’s enough to create a sense of fatalism about […]

Is Your Marriage Ripe for An Affair? Five Surprising Warning Signs

What drives people to infidelity may surprise you, says psychotherapist and author Morrie Shechtman. Selfless devotion is at the top of the list. Boulder, CO (July 2004)—Quick, answer this question with the first thing that comes to mind: If you were worried that your spouse might stray, what would you do to prevent it? Maybe […]

A Coming of Aging: The Exquisite Combination of Wisdom and Loss

A COMING OF AGING: THE EXQUISITE COMBINATION OF WISDOM AND LOSS I was totally unprepared for getting old. In fact, I was clueless. I had tons of intellectual knowledge about the process, and lots of observational data from watching relatives age. But I had absolutely no sense of what it felt like to become an […]

The Weaponization of Stupidity: The Regressive Movement’s Strategy to Vanquish America

THE WEAPONIZATION OF STUPIDITY: THE REGRESSIVE MOVEMENT’S STRATEGY TO VANQUISH AMERICA As with many of you, I’ve been repeatedly struck by the gap between what I see going on in our society, and the reactions of the media, politicians, and the business community. The combination of justifications, denials, and passive acceptance, is staggering and frightening; […]

What’s in a Number?: The End of Racism

WHAT’S IN A NUMBER?: THE END OF RACISM We’ve become aware of an Executive Order soon to be released that will effectively eliminate the use of traditional first, middle and last names for all individuals residing in the United States. The names will be replaced with a multiple digit number, which will make the work […]

Animal Names: The Cruelty of It All

ANIMAL NAMES: THE CRUELTY OF IT ALL An unnamed source has leaked some potentially volatile information indicating that the body that accredits American zoos – the Association of Zoos and Aquariums – has been put on notice, by The Committee To Eliminate the Debasing Nomenclature of Zoo Animals, to withdraw their accreditation of its member […]