Black Lives Matter: The Scam of The Century


You know when a scam has been successful by realizing how scared, even terrified, people are to criticize it. Black Lives Matter has achieved that distinction. It’s very existence is predicated on a massive lie – that America is a systemically racist society – a lie that flies in the face of everyday reality, but goes fundamentally unchallenged. Instead of a serious and thorough examination of its basic premise, the media parades in front of us, apparently adult figures arguing over which platitude is more painfully obvious – All Lives Matter vs. Black Lives Matter – a debate that would embarrass middle schoolers.

There are, at this point in our evolution, two Black communities. The first, is comprised of upwardly mobile women and men committed to assimilation as the road to success. As is the case with every minority in the history of our country, they have chosen to adopt and embrace many of the norms, behaviors, and personae of people who have achieved success in our culture. The road has not been easy, nor pain free. It has presented them with many agonizing choices. What do I keep, from the culture of my birth; and what do I need to say good-bye to? I was born and raised in the Jewish ghetto in Chicago, and from the time I was in elementary school, it was painfully obvious that I was different. I literally had to decide how to act; to be included or to be an outsider. As an older adolescent, my immigrant grandfather, a man of very few words, said to me – “If you want to be successful, don’t act like us.” At the time, I had no idea of the gravity of his words.

For the past forty years, I have worked with Black men and women in business, government, NGO’s, religious organizations, healthcare, and the professions. Over the course of the last two decades, there has been no less than a renaissance in race relations and inclusiveness. I have worked with almost two thousand companies throughout the country, and can count on one hand, those organizations that practiced bigotry in recruiting, selection or promotion. I have never heard a reference to this group, other than in derisive terms, from Black Lives Matter.

The second community is comprised of women, men and children in the death grip of cynical, self-dealing, “leaders” and manipulative politicians, primarily from the left wing of the Democrat party; still selling tribalism as the solution to their plight. Tribal cultures are absolutely exclusive – they limit input from the outside, while attributing all their problems to “outsiders;” they prohibit any self-examination or introspection to identify their part in dysfunctional relationships; and they punish and shame any internal dissenters. The only interest that Black Lives Matter has shown in this community, is to highlight their “victimization.” They have done nothing, strategically or programmatically, to address the crushing problems of this community. Instead, they distort reality, manufacture lies, and distract any focus on their uselessness. Let’s look at the facts:

A Black man, in this community, has an 1800% greater likelihood of being shot and killed by another Black man, than by a white police officer. Black children attending their local public schools, have a 63% gap in reading skills, from their white classmates. Black men, in this community, have a shameful record of abandoning the women they impregnate. 73% of these births are out of wedlock.

Can anything be done to mitigate the destructiveness of these conditions. Absolutely! The number one reason many neighborhoods are shooting galleries is the prevalence of gangs. Never heard Black Lives Matter propose a task force approach to eliminating gangs.
Public schools have become an intellectual and emotional death camp for Black children. We know that alternative schools of myriad kinds have astounding records of success. Never heard Black Lives Matter advocating for school choice, or challenging the teachers’ unions and local politicians about their stonewalling any proposals to advance school choice.

Our attempts at social engineering have created one incentive after another, for Black men to abdicate their roles as husbands and fathers. Never heard Black Lives Matter, lobbying for the roll back of regressive laws and regulations.

One thing that Black Lives Matter is good at, is consistently and compulsively bringing out the Slavery Card. Listening to them, you would conclude that white Americans invented slavery and were the only people on earth to practice it. Additionally, you would conclude that the Democrat party has been the salvation of oppressed and brutalized Black people. For the benefit of the mental midgets in the media and the halls of congress, here’s some more facts:

Slavery has been a facet of every human culture on the planet; either enslaving people in their own society, or people they conquered.
Black Africans were the first providers of slaves to the slave trade.
The first legal slave holder in American history was a Black tobacco farmer (Anthony Johnson)
South Carolina’s largest slave holder in 1860 was a Black plantation owner (William Ellison)
By 1860, the Cherokee Indian Tribe owned 4,600 slaves.
The Democrat party spawned the KKK (Interestingly, the Republican party was originally created by abolitionists)
The Democrat party vigorously opposed the constitutional amendment abolishing slavery.
The Democrat party fought tooth and nail, the desegregation of public accommodations and the integration of schools (anyone remember George Wallace and Orval Faubus)

So much so for freedom and dignity. Black Lives Matter is a fraud. And worse than that they pose a threat to people from all backgrounds working together to find true and real solutions to our cultural challenges.

Morrie Shechtman

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