The Psychotic State:  How a Few Insane People Have Succeeded in Driving Our Country Crazy

Since the psychiatric diagnosis of “psychotic” has been so thoroughly co-opted  and absorbed by mass media and public discourse, I thought it might be helpful to translate the clinical understanding of psychosis into practical and useful terms, that would reduce the frustration and bafflement that most of us feel when we encounter bizarre and incomprehensible behavior […]

The End Of Individualism And The Disappearance Of The Family

Given the fact that the second assault on Individualism is underway, I wanted to raise people’s awareness to two “fronts” being planned now.   The first is a subtle undermining of organized religion (the Regressive Movement has discovered the catalytic relationship between the Judeo-Christian Ethic and the emergence of the Individual). The second is the attempt […]

The Politics Of Loss: The Damage Done By Undealt With Grief

These are puzzling, irrational, and dangerous times.  It is impossible to explain why our president continues to make decisions that harm people and put our country at risk of armed conflict.  I do not believe that lack of intelligence, old age, or senility is the cause of our culture’s dysfunction. I do believe that Joe […]

The Art Of Complaining: The Key To Avoiding Burnout

Truly connecting with people, both professionally and personally, has been dealt a severe blow, by the mess our culture has become.  The political polarization, the economic meltdown and the disappearance of any predictability and security, has created a persistent malaise, akin to having a low level chronic illness that never quite clears up and never […]

Evil Re-Visited: How We Guarantee Mass Murders

Every time there’s a horrific mass murder, I end up having the same debates over what would “solve” this awful problem –  “It’s a mental health issue” – “Lousy parenting produces killers” – “Our permissive culture rewards violence” – “Our media glorifies anonymous and impersonal brutality.” My response is that all of these play a […]

The Zombies Are Back: The Resurrection Of Diversity, Inclusion, And Equity

When I wrote my initial article about BLM, in June of 2020, when I called them the “Scam of the Century,” I assumed that they would take their extortion money and find a suitable swamp to retreat to.  But, lo and behold, their back – pushing their three-pronged slogan, to cover their nihilistic intentions.  So I thought […]

Drowning In The Seas Of ADD’s 

Never have I seen so many apparent adults having so little ability to pursue a thought, without getting distracted. Congress and The White House need to establish, as soon as possible, a Department of Special Education for elected and appointed politicos. What do you think? ~ Morrie Check out my services at Get a copy […]

The Right and the Left: Identical Dysfunctional Twins

The extreme right and the extreme left are very much alike – both feel abandoned, and are looking to get their needs met.  Unfortunately, both are so angry and frightened that they’re relying on hostility and scapegoating to get their message across.  But instead of communicating, they’re polarizing, and pushing away anyone that can genuinely help. […]