How “Hire-Able” Are You?

The vast majority of professionals receive a great deal of education and training, to prepare them for their careers. They study the intellectual underpinnings of their discipline, and, in almost all cases, they get to practice their learnings in real life, supervised settings.  What they get very little of, is how to get hired.  And […]

Change, Change, And More Change

It would be an understatement to say that the number one topic of conversation, these days, is how the Valley is changing and how it’s impacting our way of life.  I’d like to add to the dialogue, and perhaps, broaden the discussion.  Arleah and I have learned a lot about cultural change, from our exposure […]

The Entitlement Mentality

The “Entitlement Mentality” is created in families by parents who find it emotionally painful to disappoint their children. The parents create a repertoire of lies, to justify why they can’t give their children everything they want.  The parents know they’re lying; the children know they’re lying and they create a relationship based on dishonesty.  “Entitled” […]

Senseless Murders: Reward Or Punishment

Arleah and I want to convey our condolences to the families who lost loved ones in the recent murders.  It’s our fervent hope that these families are surrounded by caring people who can help them with their grief.   In terms of the killings, themselves, I was struck by how the blamers and hysterocrats had […]

Tragedy At The Border

We are now experiencing a psychological and cultural tragedy that historians will discuss with dismay and incredulity.  What we are witnessing, is a Testament To How One Man’s Inability To Grieve, And The Resulting Rage It Spawns, Can Bring A Society To Its Knees. I pray that we can pick up the pieces and rebuild our […]

Beating Recession-Driven Depression

The most commonly asked question, when I’m training, teaching, or consulting with clinicians, academics, or organizational leaders is: “How Can I Help People Who Are Depressed, When, In Fact, Every Aspect Of Their Life Is Genuinely Depressing?”  This is a particularly relevant question as we continue to slide into a significant economic recession, and we […]

The Trans View Of Women: Distorted?

Often the very champions of a movement, are the worst possible advocates.  So it is with the Trans cause.  Every portrayal of Trans women is the same:  It is dominated by seductiveness, trashy sex, exhibitionism and one-dimensionality.  Is this how the movement sees all women, and is this what the movement wants recognition for?  And the drag […]

Why Tucker Carlson Really Got Fired

I don’t believe for a minute that Tucker got fired because of all the corporate intrigue and his strong opinions.  He got terminated because he pushed the limits of the “pain – change” continuum,” which postulates that the pain inflicted on an audience, must be balanced with a proposed change that offers the possibility of some relief.  […]

The Illiterates Of The 21st Century: Who Are They?

I’ve always liked sharing brilliant insights with my network.  This is a quote from a very good friend and colleague in Mexico (Juan Carlos Erdozian).  I think it’s enormously perceptive and captures the challenges of learning in a high change culture: “The Illiterates Of The 21st Century, Are Not Those Who Cannot Read Or Write, But […]

Hypocrisy Or Insanity: Believing The Unbelievable

Every once and a while I feel compelled to inject some sanity and perspective into the bizarre and surreal controversy over the push to eliminate coal as a staple of our energy sources.  So, in the service of reality, I offer the most recent analysis of the use of coal, by the major countries (and major polluters) of […]