Why Not Give Negotiations A Chance?

I am trying hard to understand why there is so much resistance to and hostility toward the idea of negotiating with the regime in Iran.  I’m also having trouble understanding the uproar over having Russians representing our interests.  Given the volatility of the issues involved, it seems to make sense to have a neutral third […]

The Sanctity Of Relationships:  The Wolves Of Yellowstone

Had a good cry last night. We were watching a program on NatGeo about wolves.  It wasn’t the usual presentation of the fierce debate over whether wolves were good for the ecosystem, or the scourge of the lives of ranchers.  It was, instead, the culmination of a long study, by an interdisciplinary group of researchers, […]

What’s The Point Of Having A Coach?

Coaching has clearly captured the imagination of professionals in a myriad of disciplines.  From my experience in working with many of my clients, it’s also become evident that a large number of professionals are not getting their money’s-worth from their relationships with their coaches. They’re getting help they don’t need, to solve problems that they’re […]

How Did We Get Here?  And Where Are We Going?

I have spent my professional life examining the relationship between Individual Psychology and Cultural Behavior  When is the relationship positive and productive, and when is it negative and destructive.  My view of Individual Psychology is Freudian, meaning simply that adult choices and decisions have their roots in early life experiences.  I use the reference to […]

Where Are The Workers? You Might Be Looking for the Wrong People

Along with almost everything else in business, the criteria for selecting individuals with great work ethics, solid value systems, internal motivation, and the ability to work well with others, has changed – dramatically.  Both the demographic background and the psychosocial characteristics have undergone significant changes; changes that have flipped the selection process on its head.  […]

The Overly Medicated Society: Lethal Responses to Change

“ We Don’t Treat Disturbed People; We Treat Disturbing People”  Thomas Szasz, M.D.  Founder of Radical Psychiatry Author: “The Myth Of Mental Illness” Forty years ago, when both Arleah and I were beginning our practices, we committed to a principle, that we have never wavered from.  We took the position that we would not work […]

Feeding the Panic Epidemic: The Weaponization of Experts

“When In Trouble, When In Doubt, Run In Circles, Scream And Shout” Anonymous The last two and a half years have all but crushed our culture.  Individual health and lifeforce have been compromised for far too many; millions of people have lost their jobs; small businesses have been eviscerated; and most devastating of all, a […]

Helping the Survivors of the Unimaginable: The Killings At Uvalde

“You Never Recover From The Loss Of A Loved One – All You Can Do Is Get Through It” Willie Nelson I am writing this for two reasons.  First, to be helpful to those who want to help the survivors directly or indirectly.  And second, to offer suggestions for taking action in the future, to minimize […]

A Coming of Aging: The Exquisite Combination of Wisdom and Loss

A COMING OF AGING: THE EXQUISITE COMBINATION OF WISDOM AND LOSS I was totally unprepared for getting old. In fact, I was clueless. I had tons of intellectual knowledge about the process, and lots of observational data from watching relatives age. But I had absolutely no sense of what it felt like to become an […]

The Weaponization of Stupidity: The Regressive Movement’s Strategy to Vanquish America

THE WEAPONIZATION OF STUPIDITY: THE REGRESSIVE MOVEMENT’S STRATEGY TO VANQUISH AMERICA As with many of you, I’ve been repeatedly struck by the gap between what I see going on in our society, and the reactions of the media, politicians, and the business community. The combination of justifications, denials, and passive acceptance, is staggering and frightening; […]