How Much Help Can We Take?

Rumor has it, that a number of Federal Agencies are assembling a task force, to help depositors of the Silicon Valley Bank, deal with the emotional and psychological damage caused by its failure. Even though it looks like the government will make even the largest depositors whole, the trauma created by even the possibility of enormous losses, has inflicted emotional damage on many of the depositors.  An anonymous source indicated that the creation of this task force might catalyze resentment and anger amongst the residents of East Palestine, Ohio; but that a plan was being developed , to deal with their situation.

Morrie Shechtman

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    1. Hi Sydney, Thanks for your feedback on my blog. I don’t have much hope that the Ohioans will be treated fairly. There’s not much political currency, for the current administration, to go out of their way to help them. They’re not a foreign adversary and they’re not the focus of a senate investigation. I’m afraid that they’re on their own, in this situation. Sincerely, Morrie.

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