Hypocrisy Or Insanity: Believing The Unbelievable

Every once and a while I feel compelled to inject some sanity and perspective into the bizarre and surreal controversy over the push to eliminate coal as a staple of our energy sources.  So, in the service of reality, I offer the most recent analysis of the use of coal, by the major countries (and major polluters) of our planet.  

The top eight countries (including the EU) currently operate (or are under construction) 5,614 coal fired plants.  China, India, and the EU account for 5,064 plants :  China – 3,534; India – 1035; & the EU – 495.  THE USA OPERATES 15 PLANTS, WITH NONE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. In other terms, the USA accounts for .04 percent of the emissions from coal fired plants, world wide.  So, when someone rants at you about what an evil polluter we are and how we’re single-handedly destroying the planet, refer them to a therapist. If they live in something other than a cave, eat food, and wear clothing, they have crossed the line, between hypocrisy and insanity; and will believe anything.

~ Morrie

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