I Tried To Resist The Temptation, But I Couldn’t – I Told You So

As I look back on these past three years, I’m amazed at the depth that our culture has sunk to. Fear-mongering, practiced by the mass media, politicians, business people, public sector leaders, and the university, has created a cultural insanity, that has given credence to beliefs that, under ordinary circumstances, would be rejected by institutionalized psychotics.  This has been fueled by a massive societal denial, that has us looking right at crazy behavior and nodding our head in agreement.  There are innumerable examples, but I’d like to focus on some of the more egregious:

Black Lives Matter  (aka Buy Large Mansions)

No organization, in my memory, has so skillfully used incendiary cliches; has so effectively blackmailed business leaders; and has so artfully played white guilt. In reality, they have done nothing to deal with the fact that in predominantly Black neighborhoods,  a Black man has an 1800% greater likelihood of being shot and killed by another Black man, than by a white police officer.  And that Black children attending their local public schools, have a 63% gap in reading skills, from their white classmates. The number one reason these neighborhoods are shooting galleries, is the prevalence of gangs.  BLM has done zero to come close to addressing these issues.  (For a more comprehensive discussion of BLM’s total failure to confront those “leaders” who pontificate and do nothing, see the blog on my website:  “Black Lives Matter: The Scam Of The Century”)

Face Masks And Touchlessness

As a parent, grandparent, and therapist, nothing struck me as more bizarre than forcing children to cover their faces and keep a distance from their peers.  There was absolutely no “scientific” justification for this; in fact, there was plenty of evidence that children were at exceedingly low risk of infection.  What we did with children was nothing short of child abuse.  As I wrote in my blog:  “Sacrificial 

Children: The Insanity Of Touchlessness” the bonding process occurs through two 

essential and irreplaceable experiences: Touch and Facial-Cues. Interfering with these, does significant emotional and psychological damage to the child.  And we are now seeing the results of this abuse in the dramatic increase of mental health interventions for children and their families. What is especially sobering and scary is the rigid enforcement of masks by the educational community, and the passivity and silence of professionals who knew better. 

For the sake of brevity, let me give you a few more brief examples.

The Climate Catastrophe 

Although running somewhat out of steam, this boogie man still finds an audience waiting for the end of the world.  I am reminded when I think of climate hysteria, of that old saying:  “When In Trouble, When In Doubt, Run In Circles, Scream And Shout.”  Just for a jolt of reality, it’s important to note that from 1966 to 2009, there have been no less than 23 warnings of a global apocalypse – famine, a plague, dead oceans, an ice age, acid rain, the rising seas  swallowing continents. None of these has occurred.  All of us want a clean, healthy environment; but as with people, change doesn’t occur overnight.

COVID – 19

One of the cruelest and pig-headed things that people have done to each other is the shutting down of our economy, costing people not only their jobs, but their very livelihood.  It is hard to imagine the depth of anger, rage, and hopelessness, when your present and future is capriciously snatched from your hand.  When we are frozen with fear, there’s nothing we won’t believe, and no one we won’t follow.  At these times, any half-wit with the blessings of authority and the credentials of the era, becomes the witchdoctor.  And we can, desperately looking for reassurance, abdicate our sense of judgement.

I am bringing up these examples because I’m deeply concerned and worried about our propensity to be seduced by panic, and give credence to crazy ideas and crazier people.  It particularly worries me when people tell me that they feel, in their gut, that we’re headed, as a country in the wrong direction, but they have no idea of what they can do about it.  What they can do is hold on to their perceptions, don’t agree when you disagree, and don’t ever violate your values, just to get along.  It’s not easy.  Arleah and I took a lot of crap for calling out lunatics and their incessant drive to gain more control over people’s lives. Lastly, be honest with yourself.  The worst person to lie to, is you.

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