Fifth Wave Leadership

Fifth Wave Leadership: The Internal Frontier

In an era where information and technology spread spontaneously, the next frontier is about you. Want to
succeed in business? Then stop blaming external forces for your failures and look inside yourself – you’ll
find your work-related problems are firmly rooted in your past. In this ground-breaking book, Morrie
Shechtman explains how to:

• Recognize your “familiar,” an amazingly strong and persistent collection of beliefs rooted in your
childhood that cause you to act in certain predictable ways.

• Learn your on-the-job role. Are you a Fixer, a Bully, an Avoider, or a Schmoozer? Uncovering the
answer is the first step toward identifying your familiar.

• Drill down and examine the long-buried demons that keep you from optimal work performance and
a happy life. This process will allow you to diminish the power of your old familiar and move toward a
healthier new familiar.

• Create accountability groups that foster strong workplace relationships and increase the productivity
of every member.

Using organizational case histories and stories of successful individuals who reinvented their familiars and
embraced change and growth, Shechtman will prepare you for an increasingly complex future by helping
you find the solutions within yourself.
Also available with a personalized autograph or as a downloadable MP3 audio book (5 hours, 41
minutes), read by Morrie.

$15.95 paperback
$20.95 autographed copy (personalized)
$24.95 audiobook (Mp3 download)

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