Fifth Wave Sales Workshop


Fifth Wave Selling: Understanding A New Belief System

This workshop presents a counter-intuitive approach to closing sales, building a self-feeding network, and consistently expanding and deepening one’s centers of influence.

What we have historically taught sales professionals, helps them succeed in spite of themselves.  It is counter to what we know about human behavior, and causes burnout and distress on a massive scale.  This workshop helps sales professionals discard self-defeating practices; focuses their energy on building strong and durable interpersonal connections; and removes the mystery and frustration from the fundamental question of the sales endeavor – Why do people buy – anything?

The workshop focuses on four critical areas of the sales process:

  • Replacing The Sales Professional’s Drive To Achieve Consensus, With A Laser-Like Focus On Challenge
  • Illustrating The Positive And Negative Uses Of The “Disturbing Process”
  • The Indispensable Role Played By Anger, In Creating Higher Closing Ratios, In Shorter Time Frame
  • The Necessity Of Building Marketing Plans And Sales Strategies, On The Foundation Of The Practitioner’s Core Values

The workshop is not a presentation or a lecture – it is highly interactive and participative.  It requires attendees to examine why they sell in the manner they do; and to face those elements of their practice that get in their own way.

There are two costs we pay for everything we wish to have – money, time and energy on the one hand; and aggravation, on the other hand.  The primary goal of this workshop, is to eliminate the latter.

This special pricing is for a collective group of up to 20 people maximum.  Materials and class supplies will be supplied for up to 20 attendees.