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For the most current pricing, please complete the “Inquire Now!” form (link above) for Morrie Shechtman’s MasterYourLifeClass PRO SEMINAR (Monetize Your Impact).  We encourage you to contact our customer service team at (406) 249-1222, or email for questions, or any additional details not covered in this description. Depending on class size and location, discounts may be available.


Drilling Down and Getting Serious About Success!

Join Morrie Shechtman for a 1-day in-depth Pro-Seminar. This learning experience will change your career trajectory, the way you view your professional and personal life — AND show you how to fully integrate both to achieve quantifiable rewards at work, and an unimagined appreciation for the most important people in your life.

During this 7-hr event ($6,500 value), you’ll be exposed to information you will never find anywhere else, and will require you to examine your assumptions about what you want out of your life, and why you want it. You’ll learn advanced skills to increase your effectiveness at home and work, including how to raise your standards. With Morrie’s personal instruction, you will learn more in 7 hours than you would in 1 week.

All attendees will receive 1.) Copyrighted Pro-Seminar class materials, 2.) Detailed plan for next-steps/ immediate action, 3.) Hand-signed copy of “Fifth Wave Leadership” (required reading in Executive MBA programs throughout the U.S. and Europe.)



8:00am – 8:30am: Check-in & Coffee.  Get checked in for the day, find a seat, and have some coffee/pastries before we get started.

8:30am – 12:00pm: Session 1 begins with an engaging Case Study — and a deep-dive into the first 3 strategies for achieving massive rewards in your personal and professional life!  Topics Morrie will cover include, a.) Raise Your Standards: Stop Settling For “Very Good”, b.) An Autopsy Of Your Relationships: The Good, The Bad, And The Addictive, c.) Accountability: The Ultimate Manifestation Of Caring.

12:00pm – 12:45pm: Lunch — All attendees are treated to a box lunch, bottled water and dessert for this quick, 45-minute lunch break. Eat, connect with the other awesome attendees, and let all you’ve learned in Session 1 soak in. Seminar resumes promptly at 12:45pm.

12:45pm – 4:00pm: Session 2 will require you to examine your assumptions about what you want out of your life, and why you want it. In this powerful second session — we will begin with an insightful Impact Exercise (starring ”you” in front of the class) – and cover the remaining 6 strategies and a practical, vision-driven-next-steps Action Plan.  Topics to be covered: a.) Monetizing Your Impact: The Purposeful Presentation Of You, b.) Work And Gratification: Leave Your Mother At Home, c.) Change And Loss: Grieving Success, d.) Nailing Down Your Three Immutable Values, e.) The Power Of Self-Information: Leveraging Disappointment.


What are the prerequisites to take this course?

While we would love for everyone to attend – this intensive is only for those who have a serious thirst for breaking through to the next level of success. If your style, in groups, is to be “the observer”, then this is not the experience for you. Everything discussed during the seminar experience is strictly confidential.

How many people will attend this event?

The event is limited to 8-10 attendees only. Enrollment is filled on a First-Come, First-Serve basis.

Are meals included with my ticket?

Yes! A light breakfast (Coffee/Tea with assorted pastries), and a Box lunch (Sandwich, or Bowl, and snacks) are included with enrollment. Refreshments and bottled water are also provided.

What should I bring to the event?

Bring your preferred note-taking devices (paper, pen, mobile or laptop). Your class enrollment includes Copyrighted Pro-Seminar Course Outline, and an autographed copy of Morrie’s best-seller, “Fifth Wave Leadership: The Final Frontier” (required reading in many Executive MBA programs throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Is this seminar offered virtually?

Morrie Shechtman’s “Master Your Life Classes” are conducted in conference rooms across the U.S. However, convenient virtual options are also available — please inquire as to current market price. Contact to arrange a virtual classroom today.

How do I book a private session?

Contact Morrie at, or call (406) 260-7631. Fees are as follows: 60-minute mobile appointment is $650. 60-minutes In-Person is $1,200. 90-minutes In-Person is $1,500.


MORRIE’S REVIEWS: We invite you to peruse additional reviews at

“Morrie’s book, ‘Working Without A Net ’should be required reading along with the Declaration Of Independence. I really believe that Shechtman is onto a model that we will find very, very powerful…that I think is unavoidable for the 21st century.” ~ Newt Gingrich (Former Speaker of the House)

“Morrie Shechtman has accumulated a profound wisdom that he applies to dealing with people in the context of business. I have found him to be an effective change-agent at a time when this ability is desperately needed.” ~ Fred Pryor (Chairman of the Board, Fred Pryor Seminars)

“Morrie’s book ‘Working Without A Net ’is not for wimps! It gives us the courage to leave our illusionary comfort zone, and to caringly confront others to grow.” ~ Stephen R. Covey (Author, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”)

“I’ve read all the leadership books, and ‘Working Without A Net ’is the one book in ten years that I literally couldn’t put down and handed out to everybody I met.” ~ Candyce Wehrkamp (Human Resources Manager, Hewlett Packard)

“Morrie is a multi-faceted genius! He comes to the table with so many unique ideas and thought processes from years of experience, and practically applies it to everyday scenarios in the workforce. I’d recommend you give him just one hour of your time to begin with — he will open parts of your mind that you never knew existed.” ~ Leslie Gray (Co-Founder, GrowthPort Partners)

“Morrie Shechtman’s thoughts on high risk management provides a powerful tool in actually changing, rather than just talking about changing — cultures that lack a performance ethic.” ~ Michael Caulfield (President, Prudential Preferred Financial Services)

‘“Working Without A Net ’provides practical insight into what has been and what is now required in organizational values in order to survive in our global society.” ~ Charles Francik (President, Pittsburgh Corning Corporation)

“I’m hugely grateful for all that Morrie has done for me personally and professionally. He’s been instrumental in helping me and my husband with understanding our past, and how it affects our lives.” ~ Nicole VanGorder (Chief Operations Officer, Upstate Special Needs Planning)

“Morrie doesn’t look at things from a traditional business perspective — he looks at things from an internal perspective. Who are you? Are you growing? What is holding you back from being effective? His coaching has helped me grow the business and has allowed me to step-back, which is like having my cake and eat it too!” ~ Damon Shelly (Owner & Founder, Shelly Automotive Group)

“When you’re done with a session with Morrie, you’ll have immediate action steps on how to make progress with your most important goals. To have someone like

Morrie on your team is priceless.” ~ Curtis Estes (Wealth Management Advisor Northwestern Mutual)

“I’ve worked in organizations where I have seen him speak and have been greatly impacted by his book ‘Fifth Wave Leadership’. The impact of his teaching and information has had on my life has been unbelievable! By applying his ideas, I have started down the path to transforming my life from ordinary to extraordinary. Thank you Morrie!” ~ Daniel Ruth (Health Benefits Consultant)


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