Turning Risk Into Profit


Turning Risk Into Profit: Building the Foundation for a Competitive Advantage

This audio presentation includes four question and answer sessions with Morrie. It will help you understand the connection between leadership, professional success and personal growth and development. Listen to the entire series with your key decision makers – the material and the format are easily adaptable to an in-house educational program.

It will help prepare yourself, and ultimately your entire team, for an increasingly complex future; at your convenience and at your own pace. This package includes four audio CDs with workbooks and a Fifth Wave Leadership book.

CD Titles:

1.) Understanding Your Familiars and How They Are Holding You Back

2.) Caring Feedback: Telling the Hard Truth

3.) Values: Why You Need to Know Yours

4.) Values: What Are They and How Do I Find Mine?

$297.00 CD’s, Book, and Workbooks