Sacrificial Children: The Insanity of Touchlessness


Most of us grew up reading and hearing about “primitive” cultures and how they sacrificed children to appease the gods. Our teachers took great, self-righteous pride in celebrating how enlightened and “civilized” we have been, in not practicing this inhumane, barbaric behavior. Well, not so fast. The exclusion of children from in-class, maskless schooling, anywhere from fourteen to twelve months, constitutes a form of emotional and psychological sacrifice. By any standard, it is child abuse; abuse sanctioned by the political, medical, and public health apparatuses.

Children, from the time they’re born, become fully human, when they begin to establish emotional connections (i.e. bonding) with their caretakers. This bonding occurs through two absolutely essential and irreplaceable experiences: Touch and Facial-Cues. Touch provides the connectivity needed to form relationships and the caring structure that allows the child to manage new and disparate feelings. Facial Cues tell children that they are acceptable and safe. The touchless insanity infecting our current culture, teaches children that people are dangerous, and cuts off their ability to connect with peers and adults. The ignorance of child/human development displayed by “experts” who discourage children from close contact and constant and consistent touching, is appalling and frightening. And the masking of children, cutting off their ability to “read” facial expressions, leaves them puzzled, afraid, and unwelcome. We know that 94% of human communication is carried by non-verbal cues; so the deprivation of that information, pushes people toward isolation and self-doubt.

So, what happens when we inflict touchlessness and masking upon our children. If its short-lived and transitory, it can create a myriad of neurotic behaviors – an incessant need for attention and validation which can never be satiated; episodic depression; and impaired communication skills. When its constant and unrelenting, it creates suicidal ideation and psychopathic personalities. The most disturbing characteristic of psychopaths is their inability to see others (and themselves) as real people. They see others as objects. The Las Vegas mass murderer, was, for all intents and purposes, at a shooting gallery.

How do we know that lack of touch and no discernable facial expressions, can cause deep mental illness and dangerous anti-social behavior. The seminal study that confirmed this connection, was done in England at the conclusion of WWII. As a result of the saturation bombing of London, large numbers of young children were sequestered in safe houses, orphanages, and similar places, outside of London. When children were returned to their homes, sociologists and psychologists saw large numbers of children with emotional and psychological problems. They also saw a significant number of children with minimal, or no discernable symptoms. They wondered what accounted for the difference, especially one so pronounced. They launched into an examination of every conceivable variable and could come up with no conclusion that had any scientific validity. Until they looked at the medical records of each child, during the time of their sequestration. With very few exceptions, the children with no emotional and psychological issues, all had physical aliments, ranging from colic to respiratory distress. The conditions plaguing these children, required almost constant monitoring and much holding (and touching). The “healthy” children were fed, bathed, and had their diapers changed. That was the extent of their touching.

A number of years later, a group at Case Western Reserve University, built on the English study, and focused in on the relationship between “bonding” and how children were held. Specifically, they studied the positioning of the child’s face, in relation to that of the caretaker. Was the child held with its face looking away, or looking at the face of the caretaker? The results of this positioning study were striking. The children who were held in a manner in which they could not consistently read their caretakers feelings toward them, failed to establish healthy bonding. This resulted in behavioral problems, and social, emotional, and intellectual deficits. Their ability to emotionally connect was shattered. They were isolates in a community of many.

The prospects for the future of these children are grim. They will struggle with intimacy in their personal lives, and will have little or no investment in what they do for work. The “leaders” who have banished our children from their schools and forced them to cover their feelings, have committed no less than criminal behavior. (In Germany, a consortium of public health officers, attorneys, epidemiologists, and parents, are working on a class action suit, claiming that the government’s closing of the schools and the mandatory use of masks, constitute a “crime against humanity” as defined at the Nuremberg Trials. The Trials condemned a number of military officers to death, for singling out a specific group – Jews – for persecution and annihilation.)

Children going through this current nightmare will need much professional help, and we need to do everything in our power, to provide it. They will emerge from this cultural insanity with learning deficits, but these will pale in comparison with the emotional damage they and their families will struggle with. I fervently hope that we will not forget this time of societal craziness, and prevent it from happening again.

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