Senate Legislation: The Great Ideologue Layer Shaping America

I hear a lot of bitter recriminations about the Republican Senators who supported the Democrats in passing the latest fiscal obscenity.  My reaction, having spent some time around the “swamp,” is this – Don’t believe for a second, that most members of the House and the Senate actually read proposed legislation, or write bills.  They are read and created by ideologues (i.e. “staff”), with MBA’s from “prestigious” universities, who have the life experience of your pets.

By the way, this is no different than what happens in corporate America.  The goofy woke “position statements” that come out of the offices of CEO’s are put together by smail groups of direct reports (i.e. “suck-ups”) jockeying for better jobs, once the CEO moves on.

Morrie Shechtman

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