Sometimes You Find The Light And Sometimes The Light Finds You

As many of you know, I’m an ardent fan of country music  (and Black gospel music).  Both of them got me through a rough adolescence and gave me a path to follow my gut and pursue a path that the people around me had no understanding of.  They both soothed my soul and gave me permission to be with my feelings.  They gave me something that I didn’t even know I was looking for. And the title line of what I’m writing captures what I’m wrestling with now, and, hopefully, will also be of benefit to others.

By all estimation, I’ve had a very successful career.  As a consultant, advisor, teacher and psychotherapist, I’ve impacted the lives of many people, and given them the tools to leverage change, in the service of getting more satisfaction and gratification from both their personal and professional lives.  But things have changed, and so must I.

I still very much enjoy what I do.  It still fulfills my vision of being an impact player and changing the world I live in, one person at a time.  The challenge I’m facing, is two-fold:  I don’t want to do it exactly as I have for a long time; and the changes in our culture have made it nearly impossible to do things the way I always have.  So, I’m not sure if the internet found me, or I found it.  In any case, the digital way of doing things seemed to have arrived at the same time that my life experiences have made it clear that I need to change how I interface with my clients, which inevitably changes the way I practice.  

I have finally admitted to myself, that flying four and half million miles on Delta, and a million on United, is more than enough for one lifetime. And spending  thousands of nights in hotels (no matter how nice), started years ago, to feel like a character in the “Death of a Salesman.”  

On the positive, but very challenging side, was the realization, that I could have the same impact on my clients, by interacting with them, telephonically, or visually.  Good news – except I still need to find clients, but not in the way I always have. I am getting great support and encouragement that “the internet is my friend,” but I’m not convinced yet.  

So, what’s my point?  It’s this:  No matter how smart you are; how experienced you are, in your craft; and how old you are; change doesn’t care.  To my colleagues, identify something you do, or some way you work with people in a unique way, and lead with it, in everything you do. It’s called your brand. (Mine is: I Keep Smart People, From Doing Stupid Stuff)  Hang in there and create your beacon.  That way, The Light Will Find You.

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  1. I hear you clearly, Morrie! Your thoughts, as always, really resonate for me on so many levels. I am happy to change and move forward in the hope/expectation the light will find me too … just not THAT light, and certainly not right now … 😂

    By the way … love your taste in music too …

    Best wishes and warm regards,

    1. Great to hear from you. It’s been a while. How’s your health holding up? Arleah’s struggling with a number of spinal compression fractures which have limited her mobility. But she’s dealing with quite well, and as she puts it – it beats the shit out of the alternative. I’m struggling with the after effects of the car crash and a bunch of old fart maladies that continually remind me that I’m 80 years old. I’m assuming that you’re not under house arrest and that your lunatic PM hasn’t totally interfered with your life. Our lunatic is trying his best to ruin our quality of life but so far we’re holding him at bay. I wonder, at this point, whether the U.S. or Canada will become a third world country first. If anyone in your network is not yet retired or dead, keep my Executive Coaching in mind. Take care and stay in touch.”

    2. Russ,
      It’s always good to hear from you! Are there 5-10 folks in your network that are looking for a way to catapult their businesses/practices to the next level. I’m doing my most recent offering for small groups who want an intense, jam-packed experience that gives them everything they need to know to leave the pack behind. It’s “Morrie Shechtman on Steroids” – what more could you ask for? Take a look at the description – “Monetize Your Impact” on my website store tab. Would love to have your feedback on the description. Take care, Morrie

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