The Entitlement Mentality

The “Entitlement Mentality” is created in families by parents who find it emotionally painful to disappoint their children. The parents create a repertoire of lies, to justify why they can’t give their children everything they want.  The parents know they’re lying; the children know they’re lying and they create a relationship based on dishonesty. 

“Entitled” people are not simply demanding, greedy and irritating, they are fundamentally dishonest.

~ Morrie

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2 Responses

  1. This also goes along with “it’s my right”. I always want to know if it’s been added to our Bill of Rights and I am not aware or do they think it’s their right because they feel entitled.

    1. Good point about the Bill of Rights. There are, actually two Bills of Rights – one political, and one psychological. The latter is adhered to by neurotic parents, who are looking for validation from their children, in return for giving the children everything they want. By the way, given the world you work in, many teachers (and administrators) spend a lot of effort trying to get validated by their students. Hope Rich continues to improve. He sounded good when we talked last. Take care ~ Morrie

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