The Illiterates Of The 21st Century: Who Are They?

I’ve always liked sharing brilliant insights with my network.  This is a quote from a very good friend and colleague in Mexico (Juan Carlos Erdozian).  I think it’s enormously perceptive and captures the challenges of learning in a high change culture:

“The Illiterates Of The 21st Century, Are Not Those Who Cannot Read Or Write, But Those Who Cannot Learn, Unlearn And Relearn.”

~ Morrie

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  1. Yes!!! I have been finding it increasingly frustrating with the challenges our students are having in my world of education with learning that we continue to focus on things that have no relevance to their learning. We continue to do the same thing the same way and bemoan the results.

  2. As I grow older chronologically, it appears to me that this is one of the keys to slow up aging. It applies to the mind AND the body as well. Joe Grant

    1. “Excellent point! I had not applied the message to the aging process (which I’m mightelly struggling with now, myself).
      I’ve always said that staying productive and making an impact, was the key to aging gracefully; but you can’t do either if you’re not continually learning and relearning. I really appreciate your responsiveness and feedback. Take care.

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