The New Interview: In A Crazy Culture, Interviewing Job Applicants Needs To Change

Historically, we were taught to create a welcoming, comfortable interaction when conducting a job interview. In today’s society, the interview needs to be challenging and thorough (not stopping at the first answer – “drilling down”).  This does not mean cold, aloof, and impersonal – somewhere between Mary Poppins and a Navy Seal instructor.

What then, are the key elements of the “new” interview?

For one, giving feedback to the candidate in real time (How’s the candidate impacting the interviewer?)

Secondly, only ask closed-ended questions (no wandering invitations – “tell me something about your first sales job”)

Always focus on why important decisions were made, not what the decisions were

Always follow-up on “throw-away” answers (i.e. “you know how changing jobs is”)

Find out what the candidate’s most recent loss has been (the candidate’s definition of a loss is a very telling indicator of the depth and breadth of their life experience)

Find out what the candidate’s most recent stressful experience has been (similar to losses, this is another key indicator of life experience)

Learn how to implement the new interview, bring people onboard who are very likely to succeed, and decrease your frustration and aggravation.   

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Morrie Shechtman

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