The Trans View Of Women: Distorted?

Often the very champions of a movement, are the worst possible advocates.  So it is with the Trans cause. 

Every portrayal of Trans women is the same:  It is dominated by seductiveness, trashy sex, exhibitionism and one-dimensionality.  Is this how the movement sees all women, and is this what the movement wants recognition for?  And the drag shows, besides being silly and stupid, hardly play to the aspirations of young women. 

I’ve yet to see a publicized drag show featuring women dressed as business executives, construction workers, doctors, airline pilots, or astronauts.  If you want public acceptance, stop presenting yourself as garishly made-up travesties.


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  1. Hi Morrie my mother (long gone bless her soul) was from the south. And had a name for promotion of this type. It was called TACKY. It covered a lot of ground – tasteless, stupid, inherently ugly, to name a few.
    YUCK isn’t bad either. Joe Grant

    1. “Yuck says it all.” I can’t believe that the military is using trans people to increase its sagging recruiting. I hope this isn’t what the Roman Empire was like when if disintegrated. Keep my new workshop – “Monetize Your Impact” – in mind when you come across high performing reps or managers who want to go to the next level. I’ll have my Brand Consultant send it to you Joe. Until then, Morrie

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