The Weaponization of Stupidity: The Regressive Movement’s Strategy to Vanquish America


As with many of you, I’ve been repeatedly struck by the gap between what I see going on in our society, and the reactions of the media, politicians, and the business community. The combination of justifications, denials, and passive acceptance, is staggering and frightening; and raises questions about the very viability and survival of our culture.

The only explanation for this inability to sort out the difference between reality and destructive fantasy, is that a sufficient number of our fellow citizens have been stupefied. To reference Webster, stupidity occurs when people are “ . . . given to unintelligent decisions and acts.” That is, they witness totally unjustifiable acts and proclamations, and and convince themselves that the opposite is true.

Let’s look at some of the most prominent and egregious examples:

Stupifying Statement: A small number of protesters broke off from large demonstrations against systemic racism, white supremacy and cultural inequities, and did some damage to public and private property.

Reality: Bands of thugs, looters and psychopaths committed arson, robbery, personal injury and murder, in significant sections of major American cities. Local and state authorities stood by passively, or actively ordered law enforcement to “stand down.”

Stupifying Statement: Scores of statues in the public square were destroyed to obliterate America’s history of the methodical enslavement of African – Americans. In addition, numerous public schools were re-named, in order to remove the historical stigma from the lives of school children.

Reality: No one has yet to identify a statue that owned slaves, or a school name that influenced the performance of students. The destroyers drew no distinctions between confederate generals and Abraham Lincoln.

Stupifying Statement: The purpose for teaching critical race theory is to expose the brutal history of basic American institutions (e.g. capitalism, public education, traditional family structures), and assign indisputable blame to white men, for the wholesale victimization of people of color.

Reality: It would be hard to create a more malevolent, destructive and polarizing piece of propaganda than critical race theory. The idea that shaming one group of people, while reinforcing the victimhood of another group, would benefit anyone, stretches credulity to the breaking point. It takes an unimaginable degree of hostility and self-loathing to mount an effort to indoctrinate not only adults, but children, with such poison.

Stupifying Statement: Antifa is more a belief system and political ideology than an organized, action oriented pressure group. Its purpose is to serve as a countervailing force against the fascist groups on the right. In addition, it has played a significant role in monitoring “free speech” that seeks to undercut the revolutionary movement championing the rights of oppressed peoples.

Reality: Anywhere Antifa has shown up, violence and bloodshed has followed. It has an unbroken record of beating bystanders, journalists and legitimate protesters mercilessly; often close to killing them. They have no more of an ideology than MS-13, and have shown an equal contempt for anyone not sharing their nihilistic view of the world.

Stupifying Statement: Corporate America has shown its commitment to social causes and the underprivileged by donating large sums of money to BLM and allied organizations. It has also opened its arms and fully embraced the concepts and principles of inclusion and diversity, by adjusting its policies governing hiring and promotions.

Reality: Corporate America has engaged in a wholesale abandonment of its core values and legitimate standards by funding advocates of violence and destruction, and coercing its workforce to be subjected to hostile, shaming and debasing “seminars.” It has played a cowardly game of paying “protection money,” in hopes of not being targeted by angry mobs.

Stupifying Statement: “If we stop building prisons, we’ll have less crime” (AOC) Reality: Any Questions?

So how did we get to this sorrowful level of self-deception? Creating widespread Stupefaction requires four preconditions. I’ll discuss these in my next blog.

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