There Is No Way To Bribe Yourself Out Of Incompetence: All It Does Is Create Greedier Extortionists

The last three years have been so replete with examples of incompetence, on the part of business and political leadership, that its challenging to highlight the most egregious examples.  Here are the three that have done the most damage to our culture:

1.  The burning, looting, and personal violence visited on sections of many cities, was rewarded by acceding to the demands of nihilistic mobs, like BLM, to “defund the police.”  In retrospect, it is impossible to understand how sane people could have stood by and witnessed the destruction of innocent people’s livelihoods, and lives.

2.  The child abuse of millions of school age children by keeping them out of school, masking them, and keeping them at a distance from each other, damaged them intellectually, and retarded their emotional, psychological, and social development. It was clear, as early as late 2019, that COVID – 19 posed a miniscule risk to children (cf. “The Great Barrington Declaration”), but was ignored, and canceled.  Instead, we rewarded a collusion between politicians and the teacher’s union, to keep punishing children and funding their abuse.

3.  The literal and figurative trashing of many of our previously attractive and desirable cities (which continues to this day) has been rewarded by a number of cities establishing “exploratory commissions” to develop agencies, which would provide reparations to minority residents.

The bizarreness of this proposal being even considered, is a testament to the power of extortion.

What is even sadder, is the cowardice of leaders (formal and informal) in their reluctance to publicly challenge this extortion.  At a time when derogatory labels are irresponsibly applied to actually helpful programs, we find ourselves hesitant to call reparations, a truly racist proposal.

The danger all of us face if we continue to legitimize extortion, is the erosion of safety and individual choice.

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    1. Right on Bill! That describes the Federal Government to-a-tee. It rewards stupidity and gets tons of it back. ~ Morrie

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