Trans Rights? I’ve Decided On A Few Pronouns Of My Own

Trans Rights? I have decided on my preferred pronouns – “He/She/It”.  Just don’t say them too fast.  Whenever I experience a group demanding that I legitimize their “rights,” a red flag goes up.

It’s not my job to give credibility to whoever you decide to be – it’s your job! If you’re happy with who you are, then go about your life being yourself.  You don’t need my permission – only your own.  Remember what Oscar Wilde said:  “Be Yourself – Everyone Else Is Taken.”

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  1. As always, MORRIE, you are spot on! I can only suggest that what we’re experiencing now was prompted by all the need for validation through a variety of social media sites. I don’t think Facebook or Instagram has done anyone any favors! Everyone seems to be shrieking louder than their neighbor to be noticed,to be heard to be and feel validated. That starts from within, and there’s much work to do! people just need to get to it!

    1. As usual you are right on. It’s great to have a friend and colleague who “gets us,” and who lives in the real world. I love your description of those who don’t have a clue as the “shriekers,” who are desperately trying to get someone to validate them. Thanks for the feedback. It means a lot. Hope we can get something arranged for June and be able to spend some time together.
      Take care

  2. But I must be validated by the collective. My happiness is not mine to determine. We are so dependent on the group for our affirmation that we have no self worth, the biggest character building block of all.
    As usual you put into words what I am screaming in the dark. Thanks for always pointing out the path better than any other tracker

    1. Thanks much for the feedback. I can always count on you to “get” what I’m about and what I talk about. I’d like to talk with you about where the “Sykes” group is going. I have some concerns. I can’t make the group on Wednesday – I’ll be with a client.
      But what if go somewhere after the Saturday group? Let me know if that works for you.

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