What’s in a Number?: The End of Racism


We’ve become aware of an Executive Order soon to be released that will effectively eliminate the use of traditional first, middle and last names for all individuals residing in the United States. The names will be replaced with a multiple digit number, which will make the work of the federal bureaucracy (IRS, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, etc.) considerably easier. It is intended to eliminate gender, racial, ethnic and religious targeting and persecution. The number will be permanent and lifelong, and will be relevant regardless of physical mobility (e.g. change of address), employment status, marital status, educational/ professional credentials, military service, and other prior identifiers.

The Personal Identification Symbol (P.I.S.) will be comprised of a six digit base, randomly chosen by a supercomputer; two digits representing one’s social score (the degree of compatibility with established social and political norms); and two letters signifying one’s life status (dd – dead; al – alive).

A spokesperson for the government strongly denies that the P.I.S. could be used to further control the populace. In fact, they claim that this will further protect individuals from discrimination and harassment based on their traditional names (e.g. Asian, African-American, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, White Catholic, etc.). To prevent chaos and massive disruption, the transition from traditional names to P.I.S.’s. will occur over a period of six months, as yet to be determined. Domestic farm animals and personal pets will be exempted.

Morrie Shechtman

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